Most-visited art museums 2023

April 11, 2024, 9:56 a.m.
Most-visited art museum 2023 graph
This blog is a repost of a Wikipedia article on the most-visited art museums 2023. According to this information, the total attendance in the most-visited art museums returned largely to the level of 2019, for the first time since the COVID epidemic began.

A primary source for 2023 figures is the Art Newspaper, ¡, whose most recent annual survey was published in March 2024. Other major sources included the newsroom of the Smithsonian Institution, the French Ministry of Culture, and the Association of Leading Visitor Attractions in the United Kingdom. Visitor numbers for museums in mainland China are traditionally released by the government in May each year, several months after the publication of The Art Newspaper's list. Museums in China included on the 2021 list are noted at the bottom of this list with the prior year's statistics and will be incorporated into the main listings when 2022 statistics are released.

The first three museums are The Louvre, The Vatican Museums, and the British Museums, all part of the MFA database.

We are working hard to keep up with the listing of the most accessible and open museums in Europe, and this list will help us in our mission. However, art museums are only a part of the large cultural and educational museum ecosystem. If you know of a good listing of museums in Europe in this sense, or want to add a museum to our list, please write us to Find the Article and graph on Wikipedia