Tallin (Estonia)

Kumu Art Museum

The aim of the Kumu Art Museum, opened in 2006, is to preserve and interpret Estonian art from the 18th century to present times. Kumu views its role as being an initiator of a social and cultural debate both in connection with art historical expositions and events in the gallery of contemporary art, which has become an incubator for new ideas for domestic and foreign artists. Besides preservation, important tasks of the museum are to show the works of art in its collections, to initiate debates on their meaning and to shape various interpretative environments. In the fifteen years before Kumu was opened, people did not have constant access to the classics of Estonian art and the permanent display of Soviet art only became possible once Kumu opened. Our expositions need to speak to different audiences: to the well-versed and the relatively unknowing, the old and the young, local and foreign visitors, schoolchildren and their teachers, art lovers and art experts.

Access preferences

Accesibility Programmes (Understanding)

The Kumu Art Museum is an open contemporary museum that continually aspires towards more extensive inclusion of people. We consider the necessities of different target groups and offer a wide variety of opportunities. Thus, the Kumu Art Museum has several activities for individual visitors, including visitors with special needs. We look forward to seeing museum visitors at exhibitions independently or within the framework of various public programmes. Kumu is also a visitor-friendly environment for groups, who can commission special programmes, excursions and visits.

General Accessibility in the Museum (Accessible entrance for prams and wheelchairs)

The Kumu Art Museum is located on the limestone clint between Kadriorg Park and the Lasnamäe district. The museum has two entrances: one on the Kadriorg Park side and the other on the Lasnamäe side. When you approach from the Kadriorg side, a curving ramp takes you to the first floor of Kumu, where the café and the auditorium are located. Doors in Kumu do not open automatically but have to be pulled outward by meander-shaped handles.

The front desk and the cloakroom are located on the second floor. To reach that area, you need to take a slightly curving ramp directly upwards from the entrance. The ramp is about thirty metres long.

When you come from the Lasnamäe side, you will enter the museum though the courtyard, the stairs and ramps of which lead to the main entrance. The main entrance opens to the atrium on the second floor of Kumu. Straight ahead, you will find a model of the museum and the front desk, and to the left is the museum shop. The cloakroom is located behind the front desk. To the left of the cloakroom is the Kumu Education Centre, lockers and a men’s toilet; to the right, there are more lockers and a women’s toilet. The great exhibition hall of Kumu is to the right of the main entrance.

Free parking is available next to the museum in Valge Street and in Mäekalda Street.

Contact info

Kumu Art Museum,
A. Weizenbergi 34,
Tallin, Estonia.
+372 602 6000