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The National Gallery of Kosovo

The National Gallery of Kosovo was established in 1979, as a necessity after the establishment of the Academy of Arts in 1973. Since its establishment, numerous artists have emerged from the Faculty of Art in Prishtina University. They have graduated in various fields such as painting, sculpture, graphic design, graphics and applied arts. From the founding of the National Gallery, then called The National Art Gallery, until 1990, Kosovan artists have promoted their artworks in numerous prestigious centers through various individual and collective exhibitions. They have received very positive reviews thanks to the unique approach to art and the unique circumstances in which their art was created, which has made it very distinct and original.
The National Gallery of Kosovo, view from outside

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Artteen Club - Creative Lab (Children friendly)

ARTTEEN art Club - The Creative Lab was formed in early 2018 by inviting teens from ages 13-18 that are gifted in visual arts. This project continues to be implemented as part of the education program of the National Gallery of Kosovo and focuses on working with these club members in the realization of their artworks and should last from three to five months. During this time we work extensively with participants by offering lectures and workshops in the field of contemporary and conceptual art, lectures in exhibitions that take place on a continuous basis in NGKas well as practical work, learning new techniques of expression through visual art.

Activities in these clubs are: lectures and performances of works of art;

· Photography

· Zine

· Installations

· Video art

· Concepts elaboration, critical thinking through art, etc.

· Visits to exhibitions at NGK and abroad

This work concludes with an exhibition that presents the work done bythe participants.The art club usually consists of 10 to 15 participants that collaboratewith each other in realization of the artwork. Socialization through artsis the main goal of the whole NGK education program, specifically withgroups of teenagers that need help orienting themselves in social andinstitutional structures. NGK has designed this program which iscontinuously reforming in order to be as interesting and stimulating forthis age group.

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