Graz (Austria)

Kunsthaus Graz

The Kunsthaus Graz is an exhibition centre that combines international contemporary art with regional and local themes and objectives. It stages exhibitions on current social issues, initiates the production of new artworks and realizes diverse educational projects. Further to this, it promotes discussion around art, design, architecture and exhibiting per se. In order to implement its visions, the Kunsthaus Graz works with a network of partner institutions—both locally and across the world. We are committed to ensuring that everyone can share in art and culture, as is reflected in both our artistic programme and our comprehensive range of art education experiences. Kunsthaus Graz GmbH is owned in equal parts by the City of Graz and the Universalmuseum Joanneum GmbH, which in turn is a company owned by the Province of Styria. The Kunsthaus Graz puts Graz and Styria on the international map as a major location for art is an architectural landmark standing for an open-minded region stages groundbreaking exhibitions in unique spaces addresses current social issues links global and regional trends carries out pioneering work in art education is a major feature for international tourism Develops shows international art from 1960 through to the present day presents major international works by artists with a connection to the region of Styria supports the production of new artworks operates across a range of media creates links between disciplines and cultures conveys contemporary art to a wide audience Educates aims at specific target groups, across the generations lives inclusion and integration ensures barrier-free access devises media, artistic, creative and teaching formats encourages participation focuses on information, interaction and discussion regularly stages collaborations with universities and schools and action weeks For public awareness has a high presence in national and international media is positioned as a globally networked exhibition centre experiments with digital spaces collaborates with Graz institutions and locally based artists is involved in public discourses in the city creates scope for networking and exchange across social boundaries lives a culture of togetherness both externally and internally
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Audioguide & Multimedia App (Virtual Content)

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The Kunsthaus Graz is currently experiencing many changes - an opportunity to replace the old, very proven architecture audio guide with a new, updated one. The multimedia app Cultural Places from OROUNDO on iTunes and Google Play Store is now available free of charge for download to your smartphone (Android: 5.0, iOS: 9.3) or higher. The app is easy and intuitive to use. A dedicated server provides free WiFi on site and iBeacons provide local information throughout the building, such as the travelator, in text with images and sound.

Singer Michael Cadiz will accompany you on your tour. He tells nice stories about the architecture of the Friendly Alien in pleasant and very entertaining way. This alone makes it worth taking the tour!

Available in German and English only. You can obtain the unlock code for the content at the ticket counter.

Educational Programme & Guided Tours (Complementary Offer)