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Museum Folkwang is a major collection of 19th- and 20th-century art in Essen, Germany. The museum was established in 1922 by merging the Essener Kunstmuseum, which was founded in 1906, and the private Folkwang Museum of the collector and patron Karl Ernst Osthaus in Hagen, founded in 1902. The Folkwang idea, coined by Karl Ernst Osthaus at the beginning of the 20th century, encompasses three central guidelines: the dialogue of the arts and cultures, the museum as a place of exchange and cultural education, and the unity of art and life. Conscious of its own museum and collection history, the Museum Folkwang carries this idea forward into the present and the future: we see ourselves as a museum that combines emotion and spirit, warmth and humanism, that is regionally rooted and internationally oriented, that places people and their imagination at the centre and is open to new developments. A museum that unites not only the arts with each other, but also the people with the arts.
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In keeping with the Folkwang idea of Karl Ernst Osthaus, education and outreach are among the core tasks of the Museum Folkwang. The museum sees itself as a place of discussion and exchange about art in a regional and supra-regional perspective. For many years it has been facing up to the reality of an immigrant society in the Ruhr region and has made intercultural dialogue one of the focal points of its educational and outreach activities.

A central concern for education and outreach is to do justice to the diverse society of the Ruhr region and to enable diverse forms of participation. Art education at the Museum Folkwang aims to create a stimulating place of perception and reflection through the experience of encountering the original, the moderated discussion and the practical and artistic impulses that are coordinated with it, which constantly offers new opportunities to talk about art for different users.


The mediating strategies and the repertoire of methods aim at activating the visitors. In addition to exhibition talks and workshops, the wide-ranging programme also includes lectures, seminars, readings and concerts. Workshop and seminar rooms offer a protected space for aesthetic experiences and artistic learning. In addition, there are digital education services such as the modular museum app for individual visitors, the Radio Folkwang podcast and online tutorials for children and young people.
There is close cooperation with the education departments of the other 21 museums in the RuhrKunstMuseen network. The Museum Folkwang is a member of the RKM's Cultural Education Working Group. The office for longer-term, cross-museum projects for schools (RuhrKunstNachbarn, RuhrKunstUrban) is based in Essen.

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In and around the Museum Folkwang handicapped parking is available. The Museum entrance and the exhibitions can be accessed from there without hindrance.

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