Buonconvento (Italy)

Museo d’Arte Sacra della Val d’Arbia

The museum, located in Palazzo Ricci Socini, houses a collection of precious sacred works of art (paintings, sculptures, goldwork and fabrics) coming from the territory of the Val d’Arbia, an outstanding testament to the culture of fine figurative work created by leading Sienese masters from the 13th to the 19th century. Like other museums in the province of Siena, the Buonconvento museum is a true treasure chest of masterpieces, large and small, that capture the attention even of an untrained eye. All visitors will surely be moved by the brilliant colours, the glistening gold, the emotional intensity of the figures.
Visitor sitting on bench in the museum

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Free entry for people with disabilities and their caretakers

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Museo d’Arte Sacra della Val d’Arbia,
Via Socini, 18,
Buonconvento, Italy.