Budapest (Hungary)

Ludwig Museum of Contemporary Art

The German couple, Irene and Peter Ludwig, who were the founders of the Ludwig Museum – Museum of Contemporary Art, Budapest, had a collection of more than 12 thousand works of art, range from antiquities to contemporary art. The pieces they have donated or lent are on display at 30 museums worldwide, including institutions in Budapest, Cologne, Vienna and Beijing.
Ludwig Museum of Contemporary Art

Access preferences

Education (Workshops)

Our Museum Education Department runs regular as well as special programmes for children living with various kinds of disabilities.

Integrated Family Matinée is a regular creative workshop for pre-school and primary school children born with mental disability (Down syndrome, Autism, etc.), and for their families.

We do everything to make your visit as memorable and enjoyable as possible.

General Accessibility in the Museum (Accessible entrance for prams and wheelchairs)

The entire museum building (including entrance, floors, exhibition rooms) is easily accessible for wheelchair users and for any visitors living with physical difficulties.

Museum from Home (Virtual Content)

The Ludwig Museum has collected its online contents that bring the museum experience closer from the comfort of your home. Virtual exhibitions, interviews, concerts, exhibition short films and much more!

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