Berlin (Germany)

Hamburger Bahnhof

The Hamburger Bahnhof – Museum für Gegenwart – Berlin presides over a comprehensive collection of contemporary art, which it presents in a variety of exhibitions. It is the largest among the buildings housing the Nationalgalerie’s extensive holdings, the remainder of which are divided into the Alte Nationalgalerie, the Neue Nationalgalerie, the Museum Berggruen, and the Sammlung Scharf-Gerstenberg. The museum’s name refers to the building’s original function as one of the first terminal stations of the rail system in Germany. It opened as the terminus of the railway line between Hamburg and Berlin in December 1846. The building’s late Neoclassical style was conceived by the architect and railway pioneer Friedrich Neuhaus. It set an architectural precedent for the subsequent designs of Berlin’s train stations through the second half of the 19th century. Today it is preserved as the city’s only train station remaining from that time. The museum expanded significantly to accommodate the Friedrich Christian Flick Collection, presented to the museum in 2004 as a long-term loan. The former dispatch warehouses located behind the main building were renovated by the architectural firm Kuehn Malvezzi and connected to the historical building via a passage. The resulting structures, which became known as Rieckhallen, increased the available exhibition space to approx. 10.000 square metres. Today the Nationalgalerie’s Hamburger Bahnhof division is one of the largest and most significant public collections of contemporary art in the world.
Hamburger Bahnhof Building outside

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Volkswagen ART4ALL (Complementary Offer)

VOLKSWAGEN ART4ALL, the interdisciplinary and free-of-charge programme of lectures, screenings, conversations with artists, performances and multilingual guided tours is being continued as an online edition in the form of a video podcast series of conversations with artists from April 2020. The project is made possible by Volkswagen.

The artistic programme is curated by Natalie Keppler.
For the art education program Claudia Ehgartner is responsible.

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