Athens (Greece)

The Benaki Museum

The Benaki Museum aims to: preserve and make accessible as widely as possible its diverse collections through all available channels of communication and display; support research onto history, archaeology and the study of material culture, architecture, photography, visual and performing arts and literature; educate and engage its audiences through permanent, temporary and travelling exhibitions, courses, programmes, events, publications and openly available resources; play an active role in fostering social cohesion, safeguarding world heritage and inspiring intercultural dialogue; and maintain a dynamic connection with ongoing cultural processes in Greece and beyond.
Benaki Museum, inside, exhibition room

Access preferences

General Accessibility in the Museum (General)

Free Entrance for Visitors with Disabilities

Specially Designed Programmes (Complementary Offer)

Visitors with disabilities have the opportunity to become familiar with the museum collections, archives and certain exhibitions through specially designed programmes.

Check the website regularly for updates on events.

Website for the Visually Impaired (Web accessibility)

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Contact info

The Benaki Museum,
Koumpari 1,
Athens, Greece.
+30 21 0367 1000