Athens (Greece)

Tactual Museum of Athens

Tactual Museum was founded in 1984, and housed on a two-floor neo-classical building, on Doiranis Street 198, Kallithea, donated by Empeirikos to the Lighthouse for the Blind of Greece. It is one of 4-5 Museums of its kind in the world. The main difference between the Tactual Museum and other Museums is the opportunity for all visitors to touch all the Exhibitsthat are copies of the originals displayed in other museums of our country. The Tactual Museum belongs to the Lighthouse for the Blind of Greece.
Tactual Museum Athens, hand touching sculpure

Access preferences

Access via ramp and lift (Accessible entrance for pushchairs and wheelchairs)

Access to the Museum for people with mobility problems is via a special ramp at the entrance of the building. Access to the floors is possible via a stair lift.

Family program (Children friendly)

The Tactual Museum is a unique destination for a special educational and experiential experience for the whole family! Parents with children have the opportunity to visit the Museum’s permanent collection, for an alternative type of acquaintance and interaction with ancient Greek culture and modern history. All members of the family, in the context of special interactive programs and tactile tours, close their eyes and “feel” through touch the special exhibits.

Special tours (Group and Tours)

The Τactual Museum welcomes children and teenagers with learning and developmental difficulties, as part of visits to special schools, but also independently. The staff of the Museum, using the great educational value of Art and the sense of Touch as the main means of approaching it, have created programs that enhance through playful learning procedures, the participatory process and creative contact with culture, as well as the introduction to the concept of disability blindness and diversity.

Tactile objects (Tactile Experiences)

Tactual Museum is the best place for visually impaired individuals, to come in touch with ancient greek culture. Embossed floor plans of the space at the entrance for the best orientation of the blind visitor.

Contact info

Tactual Museum of Athens,
Doiranis 198, Kallithea,
Athens, Greece.
+30 21 0941 5222