How to turn museums into greener entities, by MuseumNext

Jan. 26, 2023, 7:05 p.m.
Roof of the California Academy of Science
Here are 10 simple yet effective ways to lower emissions, reduce waste and turn museums into altogether greener entities: 💡 IDEA1 : Switch to LED lighting solutions It’s no secret that electric lighting can take up a significant wedge of your carbon footprint, but making the switch to LED lighting is a seamless exercise that can make a significant difference. However obvious this recommendation may seem the truth is that all too many museums are still reliant on lighting installed decades ago. ♻️ IDEA 2 : Recycle and compost your waste Responsible waste disposal is one of the cornerstones of effective sustainability, and recycling and composting your waste appropriately should be considered a minimum requirement for museums. 🛍️ IDEA 3 : Remove plastic bags from the gift shop Many institutions now charge for the use of plastic carrier bags, but removing unnecessary plastic from your museum can act as a good ground rule for practising sustainability. 🖥️ IDEA 4 : Find your energy drainers Doing an inventory of your establishment’s main energy users can give you a clearer idea of how best to reduce your usage. Is there a particular space or piece of equipment that’s draining your resources? Think heating systems, air conditioning units and audio-visual equipment left on 24/7. Lighting left on overnight is another key issue in many museums – a problem that can be easily resolved through the installation of motion sensors. 📝 IDEA 5 : Go paperless, or switch to recycled paper With society as a whole going increasingly digital, the need for hard copies is reducing all the time. Where they are necessary, try and opt for recycled paper. 💨 IDEA 6 : Seek out and plug up leaks and draughts It sounds mundane, but draught sources can significantly increase energy usage within museums, especially during colder months. 💚 IDEA 7 : Go for green cleaning products Changing the way you think about restocking your museum supplies is key to continued sustainability. When it comes to the likes of cleaning products, consider investing in greener alternatives. 🎟️ IDEA 8 : Create a zero-waste event Many museums host several annual events a year. By making just one of these events zero-waste, it can act as a significant step forward in terms of both action and awareness. 👥 IDEA 9 : Remind staff about the importance of sustainability a team effort is far more effective than an individual one when it comes to sustainability. If everyone within the museum team is aware of the efforts they should be making, the reward will be far greater. There’s plenty of research now showing that changing behaviours is as powerful a tool as any technological improvement. 🗣️ IDEA 10 : Spread the word Eco-inspired programs, exhibitions and lectures can help your museum become more actively involved in the fight against climate change.