MFA joins Museums For Future Strike

Sept. 22, 2021, 9:29 a.m.
Museums For Future Photo by Ines Futterknecht
Call to action – Global Climate Strike Sept 24th 2021

General FFF Info and material

Dear fellow museums and museum professionals,
The next Global Climate Strike is only four weeks away…and that means it is time once again to unite our voices to demand swift and meaningful climate action around the globe! The world needs green museums that stand behind science, that stand behind a 1.5°C-path and most of all that stand behind all future generations. Global Climate Strike Action We ask you to show up and show solidarity with the Youth Climate Movement. Let’s take these 3 actions together and make this strike huge and truly impactful! 

📣  1. Create a Museums For Future slogan with which museums could show solidarity with the Youth Climate Movement. 
📣  2. Make your own strike poster and share it on social media using  #museumsforfuture #museumstrike4climate #uprootthesystem #allefürsklima
  📣  3. Join your local climate strike! Bring as many friends and colleagues along and share your pictures on Social Media.

Share your pictures online or send them to us: This way we can express solidarity with the climate movement before the strike on 24th of September and encourage other museum professionals to take part. We'll share your submissions on our social media channels. 

Join Museums For Future And last, but not least, join us – Museums for Future! Join us as an individual or as an organization. Make your voice heard, get inspired and get to know our international network of museum professionals. Please check out our website, contact us by e-mail, sign-up for our newsletter or follow us on  Twitter @museums4future, Facebook @MuseumsForFuture or Instagram @museumsforfuture. Together we can truly make a difference when it comes to preserving culture on this planet!