Sarajevo (Bosnia and Herzegovina)

War Childhood Museum Sarajevo

The mission of the War Childhood Museum is to continuously and in accordance to the highest standards document and digitize materials related to growing up in the war, and to present the archived materials throughout various media channels in order to educate a broad audience about this experience. The vision of the War Childhood Museum is to help individuals overcome past traumatic experiences and prevent traumatization of others, and at the same time advance mutual understanding at the collective level in order to enhance personal and social development.
War Childhood Museum

Access preferences

General Accessibility in the Museum (Accessible entrance for prams and wheelchairs)

The War Childhood Museum is committed to accessibility for all visitors. If you are a visitor requiring mobility assistance, please call us in advance to reserve a parking space. The Museum is fully accessible to visitors using wheelchairs and other mobility devices as well as to the visually impaired.

Contact info

War Childhood Museum Sarajevo,
30-32, Logavina,
Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina.
+387 33 535-558